August 3, 2021

PDFBear: Learn How To Use Some Of Its Remarkable Tools 

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PDFBear is one of the most used web-based tools today. It has several features that you can use in altering PDF files. This tool was created to make file format modification easier to boost other people’s productivity at work or school. If you wish to know more about PDFBear’s tool, check out the rest of this article. 

How To Delete PDF Pages 

PDF format has been used primarily due to its remarkable features. Once you have converted your files into a PDF format, your file’s format, such as lines, texts, and fonts, cannot be altered. However, there are times that people will demand to allow them to modify specific errors on their files, such as inappropriate content or typographical errors. 

One of the many things that technology has taught humankind is that things can be done even if it seems impossible such as editing a PDF file. Due to the advancement of technology, web-based tools such as PDFBear can now alter your PDF files. You can also delete pages from PDF using this tool. 

The steps in deleting or extracting page/s from a PDF file may sound complicated. This procedure can indeed give you an extra headache. But, using the right tool such as PDFBear, this task can be done in just a few clicks. 

To start, you need to choose a PDF file from your device and place it in PDFBear’s tool. Once done, you can select the page/s that you wish to extract from your original PDF file. Next, apply the changes, and you will see the result in a while. Usually, this process will take a minute. Lastly, you can click your file’s link and start downloading your altered PDF file. 

How To Convert Word To PDF

There are several advantages of having an MS Word file format. First, you can have the most easy-to-use format since you can alter this file anytime and anywhere you want. Also, you can add any virtual impact to your file or any available design to make it more appealing to the reader’s eyes. 

However, there are also several disadvantages. First, once you use an MS Word format when printing a file, that would be an absolute disaster since some of your file’s format might be altered, such as the text and spacing. Also, a Word document format contains a larger file size than other file formats. 

The best way to preserve your Word file format’s content is by converting it into a PDF file format. PDF cannot be altered, and it consumes less space than MS Word format. Thus, you can easily send it online, and it can help minimize your device’s memory storage. Using PDFBear’s Word to PDF tool, transforming your file would be an easy task. 

To start, select a file from your device that you wish to convert into a PDF format and place it in PDFBear’s tool. Once done, let PDFBear do the rest of the task. It will start analyzing and processing your Word document format into a PDF format in a minute or less. After the process, you can begin downloading your newly converted file! 

How To Compress PDF Files

If you have PDF files that contain a vast amount of size, it would typically consume a long time to send it online. Hence, it would reduce your productivity at work or school. One good idea in dealing with a PDF file with a huge file size is by compressing this file. You need to use a tool to help you compress your PDF file, such as PDFBear. 

Using PDFBear’s Compress PDF file, you can quickly reduce your file’s size without even compromising the quality of your file. Also, the steps in doing this task with PDFBear are quick since all the steps are easy to follow.

To start, you have to select a file from your device. Next, place this file in PDFBear’s system. Once done, you can choose an available option on how you want to compress your PDF file. After that, PDFBear will do the rest of the task. It will start compressing and analyzing your file in just a minute. And lastly, click your file’s link and start downloading your new file. 


PDFBear is genuinely one of the most useful tools in altering different file formats such as PDF. With PDFBear, it is guaranteed that you will save a lot of time since all the procedures are easy to follow, and the tools are easy to use. Try it now!

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