August 4, 2021

5 Reasons to Get Your Old Computer Repaired

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Most users feel that they should get their old computer repaired rather than buying a new one because it’s better for the environment. If you live in Calgary, please use Geek Squad Calgary to get your old gadgets and other items repaired.

Research shows that users are concerned about the environmental impact of computers. This is why they prefer to renovate them. They also tend to make their computer faster and more efficient rather than buying a new one. And only 26% of users think the new computers are greener.

Decreased Performance is the Main Cause of Buying a New Desktop

For the majority of respondents, replacement occurs when computer performance starts to malfunction (47%). Yes it is the main cause for why people run for buying a new device.

Others buy because they have fallen in love with a new model or because the psychological barrier of three years of faithful service has been passed.

However, two-thirds of respondents may postpone buying new computer equipment if the old one becomes faster and more efficient.

Today, 28.7% of households own at least two computers, and 61% use them more than 2 hours a day. The dependence is such that in the event of a breakdown, 51% of them say that they cannot do without a computer for more than a day.

Our colleagues have found 5 reasons why it is worth repairing an old laptop or computer, rather than rushing to the store for a new one.

5 Reasons to Repair Your Old PC Unit


On average, repair or upgrade costs are less than a quarter of the purchase price of your computer! What remains much more interesting than buying new equipment!

You can also save all accessories (bag, extra batteries, mouse) and software that match your computer. Replacing them will also cost a pretty penny.

Do you need computer repair in Votkinsk? Then they are waiting for you at the “RODni Workshop”. You will be given free diagnostics and will honestly answer whether it makes sense to repair the equipment or is it better to buy a new one. Transparent conditions and interesting prices are waiting for you. Your trusty computer is in good hands.

Preserving the environment

Gradually, the power of computers develops and progresses, their impact on the environment is increasing. Computer repair saves 5 to 20 times more energy than recycling.

Useless acquisitions

In most cases, the power of the machines is disproportionate to the needs. Even the oldest laptop allows you to use all the programs you need.

Save time

Your laptop contains all your data, your programs, you are used to its ergonomics, keyboard, monitor. Setting up new hardware and getting used to it will take time.


Even if you want to buy a new laptop, repair the old one and donate it to someone (schoolboy, student, charity).

We hope the reasons we have mentioned in this page for repairing your old computer unit are worth for remembering and appreciating. Thanks for coming here and giving your precious time to this website.

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