August 3, 2021

Watch To Wear: 4 Top Selling Watch Brands In The Market

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Watch is such an important tool, not only because of its ability to tell time to boost someone’s confidence, representation of your style, and fashion statement. It also has different meanings to different people; for some, it’s just a representation of how important time is but for people who have it, watches for them is a symbolism of their success.

These people wear their watches with pride and confidence because it signifies that all their hard work and perseverance are now paying off because they can buy good quality watches. Although there are many watch brands globally, not all of them are worthy of your money; with that said, here are some tips on the top watch brands to buy.


In the year 1970, Renzo Rosso founded one of the most famous watch brands in the world, Diesel. This watch brand offers watches that are both functional and designs that are very “in” today. Their timepieces are one of the most trending watches today because of their designs. That is why many millennials want to get their hands on their watches.

But Diesel Watches are not only known for having trending designs, but they also incorporate unique innovations that make it a great wristwatch not only for today’s generation but also for everyone who loves innovative watches. All in all, this company is a great watch for all ages because they are committed to providing timepieces that are both functional and beautiful.


This company, which was founded in 1735, Blancpain’s contribution to watchmaking is significant, most especially with the usage of technological advancement and creating complicated movements for their timepieces. This company is also known to start the trend of making watches that are capable of resisting water that can damage wristwatches.

Since its foundation, it has created numerous famous timepieces, including Sport, Novelties, Specialties, Le Brassus, Leman, and Villeret. Blancpain is also popular with its contribution to tourbillon complication. Their tourbillon that flies is a developed version of the initial tourbillon design of Breguet many years ago.

Parmigiani Fleurier Watches

The watch brand gave birth to some of the most iconic and most breathtaking timepieces in the market, such as Tonda, Kalpa, and one of their first collection, the Bugatti; There is no question that Parmigiani Fleurier is one of the best in the field of watchmaking. From design to quality, this company ensures that they provide the best timepieces.

This company makes watches that are made by hand that accumulates a mindblowing time production of 400 hours to make sure that the details of their wristwatches, including the strap stitches to their watches precision in telling time, is on point. They are also great at making people wow with how beautiful their creations are.


Watches to many people are symbols of luxury, and there is no way you can speak of luxury without mentioning Rolex’s name. It was never the intention of this brand to create watches that are luxurious but instead, they started many years ago to provide watches for divers. It was in the 1980s when they were tagged as luxury watch brands.

Since then, the success of this company has skyrocketed and continued up to this day. Aside from its history, this brand is famous for making some of the most eye-catching timepieces that are both aesthetically pleasing to the eye, durable and functional. Their watches are water, shock, and dust resistant that makes their costumes love their product.

Patek Philippe

1851 is a momentous day for the watch company Patek Philippe for it was the day when their company was founded. Since its foundation, it revolutionized the watchmaking industry with its pieces that have intricate mechanisms and traditional ways of designing. Patek makes excellent watches; that is why it is the royalty’s choice when picking their wristwatches.

Because the quality of their wristwatches and the materials used in their watches are the best, they can also be expensive. But the price you have to pay to experience their product will all be worth it once you get your hands on one of their pieces. They are committed to creating the best watches; that is why some of their wristwatches take eight years to plan and make.


We are all aware of how important time is, so we all make sure that every second we spend is well spent. We can only do this by being aware of time, and what better way to remind ourselves of the importance of time than a piece of watch. A watch may be just a tiny tool, but it can do so much.

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